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Rate Flows, a novel approach to rate management and e-procurement.

About rateFlows

Rate flows has been created by the team of Transmate, the award winning supply chain solution that covers freight procurement, logistics operations to invoicing.
In the Transmate app, rate management & tendering was dedicated to freight only, however we got various requests to extend this to procurement overall.

The clarity, flexibility and approach to rate management and tendering triggered us to open up from Freight rate management to rate management and procurement overall.

Our all-in approach (rate management, allocation, invoice) within Transmate has been extended and further improved by detailed changes-tracking, extended workflows, more flexibility in rate structure and much more!

Our story

Coming from various backgrounds in the industry (Supply chain, sales, procurement) we hit on a common gap in rate management and execution. Rate management was often too fragmented, latest updates hard to track and procurement too untied from the execution processes.

With rateFlows we want to:

  • Reduce parallel information streams such as emailing to track rates or changes
  • Offer a single go to platform for vendors and in-company staff to consult and update rates, freeing up time of procurement management.
  • Have faster throughput from rate card updates to approved rate card, using smart approval flows
  • Offer the latest technologic advances in rate management and e-procurement

The rateFlows team is dedicated in bringing new tech advances into the procurement process. Building on years of experience within freight procurement and allocation, we want to extend our capabilities and reach out to the future of sourcing.

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