Rate management and e-procurement made easy

Centralize all your rate cards in the cloud, collect rates from suppliers, trigger approval flows and run analysis in an integrated platform.

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With all the features you need

Save time in collecting rates, getting rates approved in the organization and provide a central rate warehouse for your organization.

Flexible rate structure

Set up your rate cards with any rate type, any structure, any currency


Store your rates securely in the cloud, and only share relevant information to partners or organization

Approval flows

Trigger customizable approval flows or trigger notifications and alerts on expiring rate cards


Release activate rate cards to the organization. Track expiring or missing rates. Integrate with calculation services.

RateFlows powerful and easy, for all your rate cards

Save time managing rate cards, vendor management, collecting and analyzing rates.
Provide a single go-to platform for both external and internal partners to consult, modify and track rates.

More Features

How it works


Set up rate card

Define rate card structure or upload directly from excel. Set types, outline, input fields and static field definitions


Collect data

Enter, upload or request rate data directly in the cloud. Launch a full scope tender or inquire a simple price request.


Analyze, approve & release

Compare and analyze rates. Trigger approval flows and release rate cards to your organization.

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Connect suppliers and stakeholders

Connect suppliers with a single click, request prices or launch full RFQ's. Give employees access to the approved rate cards and track missing rates.

Simple partner / supplier linking
Vendor self registration
Granular access control for suppliers
Role based access rules within your organization

And more...

Rate management and e-procurement gets even better with these integrations:

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Integrated freight rate management, freight engine and automatic freight allocation with Transmate.

Freight engine
Transmate TMS

Looking for freight spot requests and price bidding? Our integrated spot rate tendering modules get you started right away

Freight spot rates
Transmate spot rate requests

Are you supplier and tired of filling out templates in different structures, we map rate structures quick and easy with AI to increase bidding throughput.

Tender bidding with automation

Secure rate cards and approvals flows within the blockchain. Improve tracking & compliance.

encode with Ethereum

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