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Managing rates, buying online and keeping oversight are one of the many features rateFlows offers.

Dynamic templates

Dynamic templates that allow you to set cell types, static fields and fill-out fields.
Special module for freight rates and complex lane logic available.


Store rate cards securely in the cloud. Set granular access control for both external and internal users.

Fill out

Let suppliers fill out templates, in a simple request or as part of a full scoped tender. Allow spontaneous offers or mid-year updates.


Track on rate card level and even on cell level which changes were applied over time, when and by whom.


Integrated reports and dashboards gives you a good understanding of all your rates, enquiries and missing rates. Interact live or download the datasets.

BPMN workflows

RateFlows uses BPMN workflows under the hood. BPMN allows for any business logic: from simple approval, task escalation, automatic assignment, triggers and much more

Frequently asked questions

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Can I give my suppliers access to the platform

You can invite partners to view, edit and amend their rate cards in the system. They can enroll using the vendor onboarding workflow, or can get access through invite or can access the platform as part of an ongoing tender through an email link.

Can I use RateFlows for contract management

Yes. The rate cards store all the information as well as documents. In-company employees can consult both rates as well as documents, given the right access. You can track history on rate card level, documents as well as rate card cell level.

Which procurement processes do you support

We cover RFI (request for information), RFP (Request for proposal) and RFQ (request for quotation). The tender module allows to add questionnaires, add FAQ's and allow bidding in various formats.
Automatic mail notifications are triggered in the bidding process.

Can I conduct vendor evaluations with rateFlows?

Yes. (Annual) vendor evaluation can be created as part of the vendor management module. You can rate and track performance over time. Evaluation can be shared in the organization and with the vendor themselves.

Is reporting included?

Depending on your account, we offer various integrated reports. Export is possible to excel or in the app itself.

Can approvals be done using phone

Yes. Approval flows trigger an email. An approver can either approve directly in the email, or go to the platform itself to give his approval.
Batch approvals can be configured for standard and enterprise accounts.

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